ALS Automatic Logistic Solutions GmbH - D-82031 Grünwald-Munich - Josef-Kogler-Str. 8+49 89 548446-0 -
ALS Automatic Logistic Solutions GmbH - D-82031 Grünwald-Munich - Josef-Kogler-Str. 8+49 89 548446-0 -

Click here for quick enquiries arrow_forward_ios We are the exclusive manufacturer of patented automatic parcel openers. These are predestined for:
- Goods receipt
- Incoming returns
- order picking
- Recycling
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Click here for quick enquiriesarrow_forward_ios Incoming goods
Incoming returns
Order picking
Shipping optimisation
Let us know your carton sizes and the required cut types, and we will tell you the right system - also for chaotic processing. play_arrow Further information
TCO overview and practical examplesarrow_forward_iosarrow_forward_ios Fast amortisation Thanks to our patented technology, we guarantee that no goods are cut in the carton and thus amortisation is achieved within 4 - 18 months. play_arrow Further information Our references arrow_forward_ios Reliability and low maintenance The word is spreading about reliable systems and low maintenance; among end customers and system integrators. That's why we already have plenty of repeat customers. Read current customer testimonials that are convincing. play_arrow Further information Package Opener Videosarrow_forward_ios Live videos of our box openers Pictures say more than 1,000 words. Watch our videos of the individual systems in use by customers. Fast, reliable without damage to goods. play_arrow Further information
Parcel opener Paul Kammerscheid Parcel opener ZAR Parcel opener BOS Hermes Fulfilment, Haldensleben dispatch center Package opener WIM LogiMAt 2023

Box opener
half- automatic
Jupi Bos ZAR Jill Roc Wim Tom Push Sten

Carton sizes

  • L x W x H in mm
  • S= max. 300 x 200 x 150
  • M= max. 600 x 600 x 400
  • L= max. 800 x 600 x 500

Cut types

The various ALS products such as systems, cutting techniques and blades are protected by various patents!

What our customers say

"this is the best investment we have ever made"
Returns manager of a sporting goods distributor
The operation is quite simple, our staff is very satisfied, and the feeling of confidence is gradually established.
Project manager of a French client, after 14 days with a ROC system
" ... Their machine BOS is the one with which we have the least problems."
Head of technology of an e-commerce company
During the factory visit: ...I didn't think everything would work so well.
Sales Manager, System Integrator
During the factory visit: very impressive.
Order picking dept., customer textile trade
There are actually only positive effects: The new process sequence conserves the employee's capacities, prevents cuts and, last but not least, protects the carton contents.
Logistics Planning / Control Dept., Customer e-commerce
... the machine runs perfectly
Logistics Planning/Control Dept., Customer e-commerce
I myself check the machine 2 - 3 times a day and find that it runs great.
Division Manager, Customer Mail Order
I am pleased to report that the engineers have concluded that the ALS equipment is superior.
Purchasing Project Manager, Client Industry
I sincerely thank you for the smooth project management and successful construction. I hope to work with you again soon.
Purchasing Manager, Client Industry
I have to say that it has been a pleasure to work with ALS. Your machine is an impressive piece of work.
Design engineer and project manager, system integrator
That's the completest documentation I ever hold in the hand.
Senior Health and Safety Officer, Customer Fashion
Faults? - We have only marginal malfunctions on the parcel opener
Project Manager, Client Industry
... the machine runs very reliably; I would not have expected that.
Project Manager, Client Industry
We are very happy about the machine. Serious operating accidents are avoided, especially cutting injuries
Head of Planning Department, Client Industry
This is mechanical engineering at the highest level
Head of department logistics planning / control of a customer of ALS
After the first opened package: They are now already 90% better than their American competitor.
Project Manager, System Integrator
An outstanding engineering achievement
Technical project manager of a system integrator

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